Travel to a magical place near Wroxham which is home to Thornyclod Spiders, Marsh Boogles, Tree Twiggles and the Crocklebog. BeWILDerwood is a wild and imaginative adventure park with magical tree houses and characters, adding a touch of excitement to the Norfolk Broads. There is an accompanying book, A Boogle at BeWILDerwood, that gives children the chance to follow in the footsteps of the lead character Swampy, a 2 ft Marsh Boogle with a taste of adventure.

BeWILDerwood features fantasy tree houses and aerial walkways through pine, fir, oak and sweet chestnut trees above unspoilt Norfolk Marshland. High in the trees there are also miniature villages for the Twiggles. Attractions include the Broken Bridge where you have to walk over invisible glass seven metres above the ground, the Wobbly Wires, a daring zip wire slide and the Slippery Slopes, not for the faint hearted. Entry to the park is by boat through the marshes, adding to the sense of fantasy and adventure.

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