Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre

Dive in to the magical marine world of Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre and immerse your self in the marvels of the ocean and the creatures that inhabit the sea floor. Prepare to be wowed by close views of everything from pretty starfish to terrifying sharks and amazing giant sea turtles. Surround yourself in sea creatures that will swim, roam and dive in displays that imitate their natural habitats. You’ll feel so close to the action, as only a sheet of glass separates you from this other world. See some deadly jelly fish but don’t be stung by their fabulous looks.

Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre offers a spectacular experience of the ocean, from rugged coastlines to tropical coral, reefs, from sandy shallows to the dark depths of the sea. The Sea Life Centre is educational, so at every step there is something new to learn as well as amazing creatures to admire.