Visit The Norfolk Broads

Norfolk Broads' tranquil rivers are what this area is best known for. Whether you are looking for an action filled weekend or leisurely river cruise, the Norfolk Broads have everything you could possibly want.


As Britain’s largest protected wetland, it enjoys the status equivalent to a National Park. Its beautiful wild expanse of 303 sq km including 200km (125 miles) of lock-free navigable rivers, shallow lakes, woodland, fens and grazing marshes, the Norfolk Broads is home to some of the rarest plants and wildlife in the UK, including the colourful swallowtail butterfly and the enchanting white water lily. The Norfolk Broads are made up of 43 separate broads (shallow lakes) and 6 rivers the Yare, Chet and Waveney in the south and the Ant, Bure and Thurne in the north.

Relax and take in the slower pace of life, far removed from the hustle and bustle of city living. Go for a romantic meal for two or take a stroll down by the river whilst soaking up the beautiful scenery, wildlife and boats that will pass you by. You'll discover that the Norfolk Broads are truly a place to marvel at and admire. Go on a guided tour and find out about the fascinating history behind the Norfolk Broads, so you can captivate your friends and family on your return.


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